Losing my Religion: Stopping Gender-based Violence

  Feminism is not exactly like a religion to me, but if we're talking about religion as the framework through which you understand life and make meaning of it, then it's pretty close. And whilst I am in conversation with my 'religion', like all people who hold fast to our frameworks, there are a few … Continue reading Losing my Religion: Stopping Gender-based Violence

EVENT!! Stopping Gender-based Violence – Whose job is it anyway?

Hope to see you there!


Stopping Gender-based Violence – Whose job is it anyway?

Thursday 29 August 2013
IA Hall
Next to SA Jewish Museum, 88 Hatfield Street, Gardens

Although our Constitution and Sexual Offences and Related Matters Amendment Act enshrine the right to live free from violence and sexual assault, South Africa has one of the highest incidents of rape in the world. In 2011/12 alone, 9 193 sexual offences were reported in the Western Cape – an average of just under 27 cases per day. Set against a background of poverty, easy access to drugs and HIV infection, many victims do not report having been raped, as they have little faith in our criminal justice system. South Africa is reaching a tipping point on rape, and thus a nationwide conversation needs to take place between government, academia and civil society.

On 29 August, the Cape SA Jewish Board of Deputies, Sonke Gender Justice, Catholic…

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