Just another tragic Monday

According to all manner of South African media, it was #BlackMonday yesterday. Although I did not wear black or pray for the lost lives of South African farmers, I could not escape the blackness of the day.  It rolled over me as I scrolled through pictures of white people proudly displaying the old South African … Continue reading Just another tragic Monday

The Walking Dead

At least he was hated and killed – it’s better with us we’re still hated and with words. Jacob Zuma on Steve Biko It takes an astonishing lack of self-awareness to liken the (justified) political criticism one receives to the abduction, torture and murder of an anti-Apartheid activist and leader at the hands of a … Continue reading The Walking Dead

Local Government Elections

    I have been meaning for sometime to write about my brief flirtation with party politics, when I stood as a ward Councilor this past election. In summary it was an interesting experience. Bland way of putting it I am sure, but really the speed at which things happen, Wade Van Niekerk setting a … Continue reading Local Government Elections

On Silence and Human Limits

look at what the lord has made. above Missouri, sweet smoke. not an elegy for Mike Brown, Danez Zmith Oh, the week that was.   On Monday morning, I woke up to the news that a grand jury in Missouri, in the US, had decided not to indict the white policeman who killed an unarmed, … Continue reading On Silence and Human Limits

Obliterated Places

    I’m a middle class black person who is married to a white person and who happens to live in a hopelessly unintegrated city (Cape Town).  It should therefore not surprise you to learn, reader, that I am often The Only Black Person in the Room.  It doesn’t often surprise me much, having lived … Continue reading Obliterated Places

Long Walk to Freedom: An Early Review

By Shehnaz Last night I got to attend the premiere of Long Walk to Freedom in Cape Town. It was really exciting to share in event. Firstly because of the glitz and glamour of a red carpet event, we got to observe rather than rub shoulders with politicians and prominent folks in the SA film … Continue reading Long Walk to Freedom: An Early Review