On thin-skinned drums

They say a thin-skinned drum makes the loudest beat... Tumi Molekane, 'Yvonne' Many ages ago, a friend introduced me to South African hip-hop artist, Tumi Molekane. I loved him instantly. His flow is mesmerising and his lyrics are socially conscious and relevant à la  Common or Talib Kweli. And although his accent is tinged with faux-American … Continue reading On thin-skinned drums

The Fear

By Rumbi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0CazRHB0so A feminist shit-storm of epic proportions (is there any other kind?) ensued two weeks ago when Lily Allen released her clever, satirical video for her track Hard out Here. The video features, amongst other things, a medley of women, many black, dancing in the fashion we've become accustomed to in this age … Continue reading The Fear