Their Bodies, Their Selves

There's a striking moment about 20 minutes into Jennifer Brea's affecting film about her own and countless others' struggle with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME, more commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome). She is bedridden and filming herself as she reflects on what it means to inhabit this new, limiting body, and the limited life it affords … Continue reading Their Bodies, Their Selves

Representation Matters, but is it enough?

I barely pay attention to superhero/comic book movies unless they are directed by Joss Whedon. So last year's pre-hype about the new incarnation of Wonder Woman passed me by. I caught the fever this year, however, upon watching the incredible trailer, and feeling that familiar but all too rare thrill of watching the story of a … Continue reading Representation Matters, but is it enough?

The Immortal Lessons of Henrietta Lacks

Whilst I was watching a particularly harrowing sequence in the new HBO-produced movie The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (based on Rebecca Skloot's bestselling book), I was reminded of a bit that Chris Rock used to include in his stand-up about race. He would argue that the most 'racist' black people he knew were older black people, … Continue reading The Immortal Lessons of Henrietta Lacks

The Fear

By Rumbi A feminist shit-storm of epic proportions (is there any other kind?) ensued two weeks ago when Lily Allen released her clever, satirical video for her track Hard out Here. The video features, amongst other things, a medley of women, many black, dancing in the fashion we've become accustomed to in this age … Continue reading The Fear

Long Walk to Freedom: An Early Review

By Shehnaz Last night I got to attend the premiere of Long Walk to Freedom in Cape Town. It was really exciting to share in event. Firstly because of the glitz and glamour of a red carpet event, we got to observe rather than rub shoulders with politicians and prominent folks in the SA film … Continue reading Long Walk to Freedom: An Early Review