All I Want for Father’s Day

Father's Day is coming up in two weeks. You'll be forgiven if you didn't know that (though, perhaps not by your dad). It's not exactly a deafening silence, but there is a distinct mutedness surrounding Father's Day. The barrage of marketing and schmaltz and endless florals and pastels that accompanies the run-up to Mother's Day is … Continue reading All I Want for Father’s Day

Things I Want to Tell My Son in this age when #MenAreTrash

Know that you are of woman born. You come from a long line of incredible, ferocious, extraordinary women. You carry all of their legacies and stories with you wherever you go. Honour that in every encounter with women throughout your life. The world will tell you it is okay to forget that you are of women; … Continue reading Things I Want to Tell My Son in this age when #MenAreTrash

No hood like this mamahood

The first year of motherhood. May I be so presumptuous as to write about it from within, before I have fully emerged, one-year-old and smashed (sugar and gluten free) birthday cake in each hand? I. The pulsating loneliness of it. I don't quite know how to explain it. You won't be alone, ever. If you're … Continue reading No hood like this mamahood