Lessons in allyship

Last year, when the country's university campuses were in the thick of the 2017 wave of #FeesMustFall protests, I attended a reflection workshop hosted by the programme for which I was teaching at the time. Reader, it was not my finest hour. I was ostensibly meant to be co-facilitating the session, but ended up participating, vociferously, … Continue reading Lessons in allyship

All I Want for Mother’s Day

About a year ago, a video on womanhood was doing the rounds on social media. It features a series of older women talking about what they feel younger women should and could do differently in today's fast-paced world.  The video was produced by a spa called Sanctuary, as part of their campaign to convince women … Continue reading All I Want for Mother’s Day

On Friendship

I broke up with one of my best friends last year.  It was a spectacular, real-life, parting of the hearts – angry words were sent back and forth across the interwebs and via our phones, accusations were flung, incredibly hurtful things were said (by both of us).  Reader, it got ugly.  And as these things … Continue reading On Friendship