The Walking Dead

At least he was hated and killed – it’s better with us we’re still hated and with words. Jacob Zuma on Steve Biko It takes an astonishing lack of self-awareness to liken the (justified) political criticism one receives to the abduction, torture and murder of an anti-Apartheid activist and leader at the hands of a … Continue reading The Walking Dead

All I Want for Mother’s Day

About a year ago, a video on womanhood was doing the rounds on social media. It features a series of older women talking about what they feel younger women should and could do differently in today's fast-paced world.  The video was produced by a spa called Sanctuary, as part of their campaign to convince women … Continue reading All I Want for Mother’s Day

Obliterated Places

    I’m a middle class black person who is married to a white person and who happens to live in a hopelessly unintegrated city (Cape Town).  It should therefore not surprise you to learn, reader, that I am often The Only Black Person in the Room.  It doesn’t often surprise me much, having lived … Continue reading Obliterated Places

Home Affairs

I officially became a South African citizen this morning. This bright, sunny spring morning, in a dull, grey bureaucrat's office, in the presence of said bureaucrat and an administrator who were both very kind and chatty (and who reminded me that I now was sworn to supporting Bafana Bafana no matter who they were playing, … Continue reading Home Affairs